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Guides & Tips

Welcome to the betastic gaming guides section. Here you should find comprehensive yet understandable articles to get the beginner started, and tips & tricks to help the enthusiast.

General Tips

Alternative Deposit Methods
Options available for making a deposit with an internet gambling web site.

Responsible Gambling
Advice on preventing problem gambling and where to get help.

Poker Articles

Basic Rules of Poker
Get to grips with the basics of this famous card game

Poker Hand Ranking
Make sure you know which are the best Poker hands to have

Types of Internet Poker Games
The most popular poker games played online

Where to start - Internet Poker
A beginners guide to Internet Poker Gambling

Poker Bots
What are Poker bots and what do they do?

Texas Holdem Poker Rules
The basic rules of the famous Texas Holdem poker game.

Texas Holdem Poker Strategy
Some useful tips to playing a better hand of Holdem poker.

Successful Rake Race Strategy
Get to Grips with Rake Races

Casino Articles

Casino games online
Check out some of the most popular online casino games

What to look for in an online Casino
A users guide to selecting the right casino to play at.

Where to start - Online Casinos
A beginners guide to online Casinos

Blackjack Charts
Useful charts to help you win more at Blackjack

Blackjack Card Counting
Learn about the finer art of Card Counting

Roulette Bet Types and Payouts
Knowing where to put your bets on the table

Craps Strategy
Getting an edge over the casino on the Craps table

Craps Rules
Rules to playing craps at a casino

How To Win At Roulette
Find out how to win more when play roulette.

Sports Articles

Betting Exchanges
What are online betting exchanges and how they work

Spread Betting
Spread Betting on Sports, what is it and how does it work

Types of Sport Bet
Get familiar with the different names for bets on Sport

Where to start - Sports Betting
A beginners guide to Internet Sports Betting

10 reasons why online betting beats going down the bookies
Do you still head down the bookies everyday to place your bets? Read this guide and you might start betting online.

Games Articles

Types of online Skill Game
Some of the more typical Skill Games available online

Skill Gaming - Where to Start
A Beginners guide to finding the right Internet Skill Gaming site

The basics of Rummy
Getting to grips with the basics of Rummy.

Basic rules of Kalooki
How to play the growing Rummy game of Kalooki

Bingo Articles

Where to start - Internet Bingo
A beginners guide to finding the right Bingo Game for you

Bingo Lingo
Bingo Lingo is an essential part of Bingo Chit Chat during play

Bingo Calls and Sayings
Get to know the classic Bingo Calls made

Financial Betting Articles

Beginners guide to Financial Spread Betting
The Basics to Betting on the Financial Markets

Beginners Guide to Binary betting
Getting to grips with making Binary Bets