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Intro: Find out how to win more when play roulette.
Written on Tuesday 6th of November 2012

How to win more at Roulette

Many people want to know how to win at roulette, but there is no known system that can guarantee that you will win. You can however improve your chances of winning at roulette by following some simple tips:

Know there is a house edge
If you understand that there is one then you will be in a better place to start with. Depending on the type of roulette you play you can get pretty good odds for a game of chance.

Ignore roulette systems
No matter how hard someone tries to convince you, there is no pattern to where the ball will finish. Each spin is random and independent of the next one, so you cannot apply a mathematical system.

Play European Roulette
There is usually a choice of an American wheel or the European wheel – The American wheel has an extra double 0 making the house advantage 5.26 percent,  double the European wheel where the house edge is just 2.63 percent.

Understand the Odds
Play bets on the roulette table where the payouts mirror the stake i.e black or red, odd or even. You play at just below even with the house and your money will last longer and you will have more chance of winning. Single number bets generally tend to be too long odds to present value.

Know the best roulette bet of all
To win at roulette you need to know how to place the best bet of all and this is the bet on the European table known as the “en prison” bet, which is available on all even-money bets. If the ball lands on 0, your bet remains on the table, (captured), until the next play. If you are lucky enough to win on the following spin, you aren't paid for the win, but you get to take your original bet back; so you only lose half your orginal stake. The House edge on even money bets with the en prison rule is only 1.35 percent - Making it the best bet to place.

Don’t believe in runs
For instance if the ball lands on red for 20 times the chances of it falling on red next time are still 50–50 and this is the same if it had landed on the same number 50 times in succession the odds are always the same.

Have a bankroll and stick to it
Once you have used up your bankroll that’s it, you need to leave the roulette table. It is also a good strategy to win at roulette, to have a ceiling, so that when you have reached a certain level of winnings to quit the table and enjoy what you have made.

Where to play
Our reviewers have recommended Intercasino for playing roulette. The sharp visual graphics and realistic sound effects make it as good as the real thing. European and American tables available, with the en prison rule!

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