Poker - Successful Rake Race Strategy
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Intro: Get to Grips with Rake Races
Written on Friday 16th of January 2009

Rake race strategy

Rake Race competitionsRake races have become the big draw at online poker rooms. Competitions eclipsing $1m are being offered by the big poker brands in a way to encourage players to show they can be a valuable asset. After all, that is how poker rooms make their money – through rake. If you can develop a strong rake race strategy, then you may see some very good benefits coming your way. One great example of this is the 'rake race' which is quickly replacing the satellite as a route to big cash and land based tournament entries.

So what does it take to win a rake race? Well here are some rake race tips that should help you become more successful in these new and open tournaments:

Multi-Table is a must
You’re going to have to be good at playing multiple tables at one time or you may as well forget the rake race. You can bet your shirt that others competing will be, so it is a requirement to win.

Dominate the Leaderboard
Most rake races have a leader board that is constantly updated. If you can present a real challenge early on, you will break many of your competitors, who will feel that they can’t catch up.

Forget being a high roller
Many players entering rake races feel they have to play at the biggest buy-in tables to win. This is not true, as you will be presented with stiffer competition and are therefore likely to win less. Your rake on the smaller buy-in tables with still be substantial and your chances of winning will be much better.

Look for player points

You may have a bad beat or a few poor hands and then find yourself way out of contention. This is when you wished you had built up some points for all those hand you played. Try to find a rake race where you can still accumulate player points for all your table time.

Don’t become too obsessed
Remember what is important. If you are finding that entering rake races is affecting your game and your win levels have dropped, then stop. You should only enter rake races if you feel that you have the confidence and the skill to really compete.

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