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Intro: Some useful tips to playing a better hand of Holdem poker.
Written on Wednesday 12th of December 2007

Texas Hold'em Poker StrategyTexas Holdem poker strategy

There are several different strategies that you can employ when playing Texas Hold'em poker. The biggest and most important decision that you will be faced with is to play a starting hand, and the mistake will be playing too many hands.

It's important that you are aware of your position in relation to the dealer. If you are in an early position, any of the three players immediately to the left of the player posting the big blind, you are in the early position. You need to have a strong hand to act from this position. The following three players in order (clockwise) are in the middle position, and the rest in the late position.

Here are some basic strategies to employ when you are new to the game. They are fairly stringent and strict, but they are a good base strategy to build from as you learn more about Texas Hold'em.

Basic Strategies

In the Early Position (first three players after the player posting the big blind)

Raise with:
Call with:
Fold everything else.

In the middle position (the three players after the early position players)

Raise with:
Call with:

In the late position (all other players including the dealer, small and big blind posters)

Raise with:
Call with:

If you have these call hands and someone has raised before your turn, it is in your best interest to fold.

There are many people who play Texas Hold'em and will play any two suited cards, regardless of their position and they will play if they have an ace with any small card kicker. It's important to realize, before you get into the habit of playing these types of hands, that they are ultimately losers and will cost you money.

When you post your blind, do not feel obligated to defend it. If you have a marginal hand, don't call a raise. Keep your money – you won't likely win the hand.

The Flop

After you've seen the flop, you need to decide if you are going to continue to play. This is a big decision – the flop truly defines your hand. After the flop, you have 71% of your hand already completed, if you have nothing by the flop, chances of you getting what you need for a stellar hand have decreased immensely.

From here on, if the community cards aren't giving you a top pair, a straight or flush draw, then fold your hand and save your money. There's a lot to be said about strategies for Texas Hold'em poker, but the best thing you can do is to practice, play and learn from your own mistakes and hands.

Armed with this information you should be able to increase your chances of winning at Texas Hold'em, but practice truely makes perfect. When you are ready to start playing you can check out the Betastic poker reviews for recommended places to play. These are poker rooms that we have played at and have first hand experience of.