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Intro: What are Poker bots and what do they do?
Written on Tuesday 30th of October 2012

Poker Bots

Poker Bots are used to gain an advantage at online pokerPoker bots have evolved from poker’s unprecedented popularity on the web. The game of poker has found a real niche online, with millions playing everyday. With so many people playing and so much money changing hands, it is not surprising that some bright spark has come up with a way of cheating players out of their money.

While playing online may seem like a lot of fun and an interesting way to gamble, there are methods that are being developed online that work the odds and win more hands then they lose. This is usually achieved with the use of a specially adapted program, often referred to as a poker bot.
What is a Poker Bot
A poker bot is a computer program that is programmed to play poker, but disguises itself as a player. Many people have purchased poker bots on the internet to play poker for them at a poker site. These poker bots are nearly impossible to beat because they are programmed for counting cards and reading the way the game is being played by the other players.

The use of poker bots is considered a form of cheating in online poker rooms and is prohibited at all online poker sites. If you are caught using a poker bot at an online poker room, chances are your winnings will be forfeited and in some cases, you may be prosecuted. Some poker sites even pass details of players who have been caught using poker bots to other poker sites to stop them cheating elsewhere.

Poker bots are cheating at the game. Many people who utilise poker bots do so in order to ‘beat the system’ of online poker gaming. Playing poker online lends itself to other issues, especially being unable to see other players and figure out their ‘tells’. Of course, at the same time, online poker players do not have to worry about their own tells being revealed to the other players.

There are many different poker strategies that are employed by poker players all over the world, and while it is possible for poker players to include these strategies while playing online, it is not always the easiest to do. It is much easier to guess the strength of the other players at your table at a live poker game. For online poker gaming, you can only tell the strengths and ‘tells’ from the bets that are being placed. Playing online may not be the easiest way to play, however playing against other players on a computer, or against a computer, can really sharpen your skills in count outs and how to play the percentages while playing live poker at a casino.
Poker bot tells
With that said, it can be difficult to tell if you are playing against a poker bot, however there are ‘tells’ for bots as well. They are extremely difficult to beat and the tell is just that – their abilities to read a hand perfectly through nearly every hand. However, some online poker players are just very good at playing poker and have mastered the art of playing poker online.

If you are considering employing a poker bot of your own, you should reconsider. Realise that this is illegal and prohibited in all online poker rooms and that your winnings could be nullified if you are caught using a bot. Some online poker sie will also charge you to the full extent of the law for cheating, so be warned.