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Intro: Useful charts to help you win more at Blackjack
Written on Monday 29th of October 2012

Blackjack Charts

Knowing when to Hit, Stand or Double Down in the game of Blackjack can be the difference between winning and losing. By following a few simple rules you can statistically improve your chances of winning more regularly at the Blackjack table. The following charts show what decisions to make and apply to both single and multiple deck games.

Blackjack Chart for Hard Totals Blackjack Hard totals
When dealt a hard hand of 16 and above, stand no matter what the dealer’s card is. This will improve your chances winning these hands as you are more likely to bust if you hit on these high numbers.

When dealt a hard hand of 9 or less, make sure you hit. There is no way you can bust with an extra card and you will almost definitely get beaten if you don’t.

When dealt a hard hand of between 10 and 16 it will be up to your strength of character to follow the guide and either Hit, Stand or Double Down depending on the dealers Upcard. Depending on the run of the cards you wont always win, however this is statistically your best chance of winning.

Blackjack Chart for Soft Totals Blackjack Soft Totals
When dealt a hand of 19 or above, make sure you stand, no matter what the dealer's upcard is. On 18 you should only hit if the dealer draws a 9, Ten or Ace., otherwise double down or stand as guided in chart.

With soft totals you are more likely to double down if the dealer has a weak Upcard. This will give you more chance of winning the hand. You will also find that you draw more cards, either on a hit or part of doubling strategy to maximise your advantage.

Blackjack Charts for Splitting Pairs Blackjack Splitting Pairs
Always split a pair of Aces or 8's. Split 2's and 3's only when the dealer shows a 2 through to 7.

Never split 4's unless the dealer shows 5 or 6.

Never split 5's or 10's and never split 6's when the dealer shows 7 through to Ace.

Always split 7's when the dealer shows a 2 through to 7. Always split 9's when the dealer shows 2 through to 6 and if the dealer has 8 or over.

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