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Intro: A beginners guide to Internet Sports Betting
Written on Sunday 28th of October 2012

betting on the internetIntroduction to online sports betting

If you are an absolute beginner to online sports betting then it is a good idea to get yourself familiar with how it all works. There are a variety of sports betting books and resources on the market to help you start out. It is imperative that you understand the basics before you start betting on the internet, otherwise there is a good chance your new pastime will be short lived. Once you feel that you ready to go forth and place a bet over the internet then there are a few things worth knowing before you take the plunge. Once you have read this short guide you can visit betastic's sports betting reviews for more information on where to bet online.

How do I open a online sports betting account?

The first thing you have to decide before opening an online sports betting account is which sites you are want to register with. It's a good idea to open up a few different accounts to benefit from slight variances in odds offered by internet bookmakers. These can be as much as 10% on some bets, which can make a lot of difference on large bets. There are a number of sites that compare odds from a variety of internet bookmakers. It is well worth a look at these odds comparison sites if you have a particular bet in mind.

Due to the large amount of competition with sports betting online, many of the main sports betting sites entice new customers with the offer of a free bet. This free bet is usually between £10 - £25, based on you opening an account and paying a deposit. If you are smart this free bet can be used wisely and will help to accumulate a nice pot in your account. There is no limit to how many accounts with different internet bookmakers you can open. It is down to how much money you want to spend.

Do I have to give my bank or credit card details online?

The answer is - not necessarily, however the alternative can be costly and time consuming. Many of the major online sports betting sites offer a variety of deposit methods which are an alternative to giving your details direct to the bookmaker. Certain internet Sports Betting sites will let you make deposits by cheque or postal order. In this day and age most of us have bought items online or opened accounts using credit cards. Reputable internet bookmakers have to regard customer security as top priority, and use the same level of encryption as online banks use. If they don't then they risk going out of business very quickly. If you are not sure about a bookmakers reputation, look on their website for affiliations with professional organisations such as IBAS. Who accredit online Sports Betting Sites based on their high level of security with regards to transactions and personal details.

What details do I need to register with the sports betting site?

The details you need to register with a sports betting site are usually an email address, username and password. Sometimes a home address is required to validate a particular card for making a deposit. If your details has been accepted you will be sent a conformation email confirming that your account is ready to use. Then you're away and you can start placing bets at your leisure.

If you wish to close an account with an internet bookmaker then you will have to contact the customer service section of the particular site and request to close the account. It varies slightly on different sites. Therefore it is a good idea to follow instructions laid out by the individual bookmaker.

How do I Place a bet with an online bookmaker?

You will usually be asked to make a deposit with the Internet Bookmaker you have chosen. Normally £10 would be a typical amount before you can start betting. This can be deducted from your credit card, bank account or other selected payment method. Once the deposit has been made, your account will show positive figure, eg. +£10.00. Adding more funds to your account in the future is done in exactly the same way, which is a good way of helping you control your spending.

You are now ready to start betting. To place a bet you will need to select the horse, or team, or player you want to have a wager on and then enter your bet. This varies slightly for different online Sports Betting sites, but is generally pretty straight forward. Most sites will generally have a minimum bet so be aware of this.

I want to make a withdrawal, how do I do it?
So your sports betting pick has come in, or you have just had enough and you want to cash out. If you want to make a withdrawal it is important that you follow the instructions on the site you have been betting on. How much you get back and how long it will take depends on many factors:
Details of making withdrawals are usually contained in the terms and conditions of the betting site you have registered with.