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Intro: Spread Betting on Sports, what is it and how does it work
Written on Sunday 28th of October 2012

Spread bettingIntroduction to Sports Spread Betting

The growth of Sports Spread Betting around the world has been phenomenal. This is largely to do with the fact that there is no limit to what you can bet on. Spread betting on Sport presents the punter with the opportunity to bet on a spread of numbers that relate to eventualities in a specific event. This is not just limited to the sporting world as Spread Betting is also very popular on the Financial Markets.
Sports Spread Betting v's traditional Sport Betting

A traditional Sports Bet is where the bookmaker offers odds based only on results and possible outcomes. This effectively keeps winners and payouts down to a minimum. Sports Spread Betting allows punters the opportunity to place bets on just about anything with the result of a sporting encounter merely being one of a number of betting opportunities.

Benefits with Spread Betting
By allowing players to have a bet on just about any outcome, the amount of choice you get is staggering. You may feel that your ability to predict, say the number of corners that occur in a football match or the margin of runs that the Aussie's will win by in the cricket is better and will give you much more favourable returns. By choosing a football betting spread or betting on a cricket spread you may be able to increase your chances of winning. Due to the nature of Spread Betting the potential for making money is limitless. A word of warning, just as the potential for profitability, the same applies for the potential for loss. It is essential that you understand what you are doing first if you are going to be successful at Spread Betting

Principle behind Sports Spread Betting
The words Spread and Index may sound a bit complicated to some. When you understand how this type of betting works you will realise that it is relatively straightforward. The best way of explaining Spread Betting is through an example:

A Spread Betting company will offer a spread on the outcome of a specific event. Using the example of the number of yellow cards received in a game of football. The spread is set at 5-7 yellow cards by the Spread Betting Company. This means the Spread Betting Companies prediction is that there will between 5 and 7 yellow cards awarded during the match.

You may feel that these teams are a bit rough, so it is likely that there will be more than 7 yellow cards in the game. So you 'buy' at £10 a point, (every yellow card over the spread.)

If your prediction was correct and the two teams managed to get booked say 10 times altogether, then you will get £10 for every card over the spread. (10 - 7 = 3, 3 x £10 = £30) Therefore you win £30 from this bet

However if your prediction was incorrect and there was only 3 yellow cards you will lose and will have to pay the Spread Betting Company £10 for every card below the spread. (5 - 3 = 2, 2 x £10 = £20) Therefore you lose £20 from this bet.

If you had chosen to 'sell' at £10 a point and the outcome had been 3 yellow cards then you would have won £20.

Pitfalls to Spread Betting
More a word of caution than anything else. Sport is unpredictable. Sometimes the strangest, unimaginable outcomes occur, which can quite easily go against you. The more unexpected, the more money you are likely to lose. Just remember nothing is certain, so don't kid yourself that it is otherwise it may cost you dearly.