Tips - Alternative Deposit Methods
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Intro: Options available for making a deposit with an internet gambling web site.
Written on Monday 22nd of October 2012

Alternative Deposit Methods

There are a variety of options available to you if you don't want to give out your debit/credit card details every time you open an account with a gaming site. Here are some of the alternative payment options that are available to you:

Based in the Isle of Man, Neteller provides a trustworthy online money transfer service. By acting as a sort of online wallet, funds can be accessed and transferred at any time. After opening a Neteller account customers can deposit, withdraw and transfer funds with a variety of companies, with online gaming sites a favourite. Customer details are kept private from the merchant with Neteller acting as a central body to and from which each payment is made.

Formerly known as moneybookers, Skrill is another e-wallet form of payment service that can be used at multiple online gambling sites. The service charges some of the lowest fees, which makes it very popular. It is accepted in countries all over the world and comes with various language support.

A very similar service to Neteller, Click2Pay is a fast and secure internet online wallet service used mainly by US and UK customers. A variety of currencies accepted including £GBP, €Euro and $US, handy for UK customers who like dealing in pounds


A worldwide payment service where customers have an account accessed using email and password verification. Users of the service can make deposits into their registered account using credit card or bank transfer. Ecocard then act as an intermediary between the gaming site and the customer, transferring funds back and forth for a small fee.

Western Union
A safe and secure method of transferring money from a bank account to a directly to gaming site. A money or wire transfer company like Western Union will handle the transaction for a fee. This is a tried and tested payment method and is commonly accepted by online gaming sites.

Money Orders
This is a similar form of payment to a cheque. A money order can be requested at either a Bank or Post Office by making a deposit and they will generate a non personalised cheque for a fee. This can be sent to open an account with an online gaming company.