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Participation in online gambling drops slightly in the UK
Written on Friday 8th May, 1:00 am by admin
Union flagOnline gambling participation in the UK fell during the first quarter of 2015, with 51% of gamblers saying that made a bet online during the previous month.

The figures are down 5% compared with the same period last year, as bettors look at other forms of wagering such as the National Lottery. 36% of Brits logged on and played the National Lottery, while 13% played at other lotteries and 9% were buying scratch cards.

Women gamblers were up slightly during the quarter, rising 2% to 13% of the playing population, whereas male players dropped 4% to 17%. Across the board gambling online dropped, with males down 6 percentage points to 55% and women dropped 3 points to 48%.

When organised by age, younger bettors in the 24-34 year old age bracket jumped up 2 points to 14% while people over 60 years old increased by 1 point to 5% of the market.

The numbers were gathered by the UK Gambling Commission, which presents gambling participation statistics on a quarterly and annual basis.

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