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Neymar Jnr becomes latest PokerStars ambassador
Written on Monday 11th May, 12:48 am by admin
Neymar jnrBarcelona FC and Brazil international football star Neymar Jnr has been confirmed as the latest poker ambassador for PokerStars, the globally recognised poker site.

The young football prodigy will promote PokerStars Academy, as the poker site looks to extend its presence in the Latin and South American online gaming markets.

Neymar joins a number of international stars who promote Pokerstars which include retired Brazilian legend Ronaldo, 14-time Grand Slam tennis champion Rafael Nadal, Japanese model Yuiko Matsukawa and high-stakes poker supremo Daniel Negreanu.

“Neymar Jr is one of the brightest stars in the sporting world and PokerStars is proud to be associated with him. Together we will grow the popularity of poker and show new audiences the competitive, fun and strategic game of poker,” said Michael Hazel, interim CEO of PokerStars.

“Working with Neymar Jr continues PokerStars’ history of investing in mainstream athletes who want to leverage their success in competitive sports to become successful poker players.”

Amaya Chairman and CEO David Baazov also commented on the new signing. “Neymar Jr is a young and extremely charismatic megastar who loves interacting with fans on social media, is comfortable on camera and loves the game of poker,” Baazov said. “And as a superstar with one of the world’s most famous football clubs and football nations, his appeal is global. This partnership is a great opportunity to market the game of poker across the globe and attract new fans.”

As a regular poker player, Neymar Jr was thrilled to join the PokerStars team. He is known to post photos and videos on his Instagram page about his poker play, including games at home with his friends and family, as well as photos of his dog, who is called ‘Poker’.

“Growing up and playing football everyday has made me a competitive person. When I’m not playing football, playing poker and competing against my teammates on the road or in home games with friends is one of my favourite things to do,” said Neymar Jr.

“To be a successful poker player, you require many of the same skills needed to be a successful footballer – mental strength is important; resilience, patience, composure and focus. I love the challenge, whether it’s on the football pitch or at the poker table,” he continued.

Neymar Jnr is expected to start representing Pokerstars after the European football season ends at the end of May.

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