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Free Football Betting Magazine Called Citibet Set to be Launched
Written on Thursday 26th April, 9:10 am by admin
Carlos Tevez imageA new free football betting magazine is due to be launched this week called Citibet and will be edited by former FHM and Rolling Stone editor Ed Needham.

The magazine will be funded by Citipost and will initially target male professionals in the London City and Docklands area but could well expand its target audience if it proves to be successful.

Content for the new magazine will be produced in-house and by creative agency Grand Parade. It is expected to cover all the betting issues that punters familiar with football betting might expect.

The new magazine will be published and distributed by Citipost and will be available via hand-to-hand retailers throughout London including at venues such as London Underground stations, offices of financial, marketing and legal firms and business lounges at Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted airports. If Citibet proves to be successful then it will set a precedent for publications to be launched across the country and demand could even warrant Citibet going national.

Needham said “We want our readers to wake up on a Friday morning and think ‘Citibet’. In order to achieve that we will be putting together a quality magazine that not only informs, but also entertains. While our core audience will be found in the City, we will cater for anyone who has an interest in football or betting.”

Citipost Owner Danny Charlesworth stated “Citibet has enormous potential and we are all very excited to be launching the publication. Our editorial team comes with an exceptional track record and the scale of the Citipost distribution network will ensure that the magazine gets into the right hands and is widely read. Advertisers have proven very receptive to the Citibet concept and we are sure readers will be too.”

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