Bookie suspends betting on Niall Horan quitting One Direction
Written on Tuesday 12th May, 2:25 am by admin
Niall HoranAll bets are off on Niall Horan being the next to quit One Direction following a large wager placed by a punter from the singers hometown in Ireland.

A €500 bet was placed in a bookies located in Niall's native Mullingar in Co Westmeath, which led to the market being pulled. His odds of leaving the pop band were cut this week from 8/1 to 3/1 following a flurry of bets from punters.

Fans of 1D are waiting neverously on whether there is any basis for all these bets on Niall quitting, as a second member of the band quitting is likely to lead to complete break up of the group.

Spokesman for BoyleSports , Liam Glynn, said: "Our traders had to suspend betting at 11:30am on Monday morning after another large bet was placed on Niall in his native county to be the next member to leave One Direction .

"If Niall is the next member to leave One Direction; One Thing for sure is that we are in for a battering of a five figure amount from cagey punters across the Midlands.

"One Way or Another, the sell by date on One Direction looks set to expire sooner rather than later judging by the support for Niall to leave over the past few days.”

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