Betonline Moves Away From .com Domain to Avoid US Government Action
Written on Thursday 5th April, 10:03 am by admin
US flagOnline gambling firm Betonline confirmed this week that it was moving away from its .com domain and adopting a .ag domain registration.

The reason behind the change is due to the recent spate of indictments that the US government has been handing out against the owners of .com online gambling domains that are offering a service to US players.

A statement from the company came this week and it was announced that the domain name change would be effective immediately from Wednesday 4th April, 2012 which will keep the US enforcement bodies at bay.

Betonline is the latest in a long line of online gambling companies that have changed their domain registration to avoid possible action from the US government. Other companies to carry out this change include Bodog, Sportsbook and Legends.

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